Company apps like Direct2HR and Empower allow you to review schedules, see paycheck stubs, schedule time off for vacations and more. You can view these apps on a work computer, home computer, tablet or smartphone. To make sure you surf safer, beginning 24th January 2020, Albertsons Companies is introducing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to all employees, contractors and vendors who access these and other company apps on computers, tablets and smartphones both inside and outside the company network.
ABSCos will use these two factors:
It works by requiring two sources of identification using the following:

  • Factor 1: User name or employee identification number and password
  • Factor 2: Numeric code received on employee mobile device

You can choose to receive this second authentication factor by text, phone call or by downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app

Recommended MFA Options

The materials linked below will help you understand the new requirement and register for MFA

Still need help? Call the Information Technology Service Desk at (877) 286-3200. Please provide your Employee ID and store number/location when you call.